Megh - Call of Monsson

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  • Alap
  • Jod
  • Tal Jhap
  • Tal Teen
  • Dhun



Deobrat Mishra, Sitar
Sagar Gujrati, Tabla
Ankit Parikh, Pakhawaj

Alap, Jod, Tal Jhap, Tal Teen, Dhun

60 min. (Sample: 2 min.)

Raga " Megh" is one of the ancient Raga in Indian Classical Music. This is one of the Prime Ragas among Six ragas and thirty six Raginies. Raga Megh is performed in monsoon season. For the listeners Deobrat Mishra presents "Megh Rag" in this CD because this Rag has rarely been recorded by instrumental musicians. The unique feature of this recording is the combination of rhythmic instrument Pakhawaj for Dhrupad Anga or Style and Tabla for Gayaki Anga. Only a few mastered musicians had peresented the combination of Tabla and Pakhawaj together with Sitar. The combination of Pakhawaj and Tabla worth mentioning for its mastery over Dhrupad Anga. Deobrat Mishra is also efficient in Surbahar of Dhrupad Anga.